The above photo was taken during our trip to Sydney, Australia in December, 2015. What a beautiful city.

Picasa Photo Editing and Management

I currently use iPhoto, as it came with the Mac. Now, Apple has decided to discontinue the iPhoto software and convert over to Photos. Okay, so now I have a decision to make about how I plan to go forward with my photo management. There are mixed reviews on Apples new Photo App and I’ve… Continue Reading

How to Access FamilySearch Records not Indexed is (in my opinion) the best FREE Genealogy Site.  I’ve found a great many records in FamilySearch by searching by name.  It allows you to refine your search by dates and areas.  However, there is much more to FamilySearch than meets the eye.  There are millions of Free Records on FamilySearch that can’t be… Continue Reading

Genealogy Do-Over Week 13, Part One -Securing Research Data

This weeks topics for the Genelaogy Do-Over: Securing research data Reviewing the journey Securing Research Data Thomas seems to really key into the important things that we sometimes don’t think about.  Such As: If you lost all your data, would you be able to recreate it? Would you even know where to begin? If you… Continue Reading

Genealogy Do-Over Week 13, Part Two – Reviewing the Journey

This weeks Genealogy Do-Over Topics are: Securing research data Reviewing the journey Reviewing the Journey Although I did not end up with a complete Do-Over, like I originally planned, I am extremely happy with what I have learned and the tools provided.  There is so much more I have to do to improve what I… Continue Reading

Genealogy Do-Over Week 12 – Sharing Research and Travel Options

This weeks Genealogy Do-Over Topics are: Sharing Research Reviewing Research Travel Options Sharing Research Here are the ways in which I share my research: My online trees are public, except for living people. I have started documenting my sources in my trees for others to see. Although more work needs to be done. I participate in… Continue Reading

Postcard from Duke!

My dad, Luke “Duke” Erwin Doerr, was in the Navy from 1939 – 1946. Sometime after he passed in 2009, mom gave my brother a few documents, including his birth certificate, a couple of newspaper clippings, a couple of pictures and this postcard my dad sent to his parents while in the Navy during WWII.  My brother sent… Continue Reading