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Find A Grave ( - Adding or Changing information

In doing ancestry research, I always check to see if my ancestor has a memorial set up on I have frequently found valuable information and obituaries on these memorials.

Find a Grave links to my parents:

Many people go through cemeteries and take pictures of grave stones and submit them to This is a wonderful service and I’ve found many of my ancestors memorials are already established.

However, in many cases the individual who so kindly took the picture and set up the memorial only knows the information that is on the tombstone and the location of the cemetery. So, many of these memorials need to be enhanced with additional information.

Here is my process for helping to improve my ancestors (FAG) memorials. Note: to make many of these changes, you will need to set up a FAG account, which is free and easy to do.

  • Go to (FAG) and search for the ancestor I’m researching to see if they already have a FAG memorial set up. (I check my ancestors page at to see if they have a FAG source listed and link from there, which is sometimes quicker than doing the search through
  • If no memorial for them is found, I add a burial record by clicking on the “Add Burial Records” link on the left navigation bar.
  • Verify and improve Names (like adding maiden names and nicknames). If there is information missing and someone else maintains the record, you can do one of two things:
    1. You can request the memorial be turned over to you to maintain by providing your relationship to the person and your FAG number. (You can do this by clicking on the name of the person that maintains the memorial and will see their contact information (email address). If no contact information is available, you can submit the request using the “edit” tab at the top of the page and use the “Suggest any other correction or addition” link to request the transfer to you. Once it’s transferred to you, you can make these changes through the individuals Memorial Page as long as you’re logged in.
    2. OR You can use the “Edit” tab at the top of the page to submit your changes to the person who maintains the memorial.
  • Connecting Family Members. allows you to add parents and spouse. First you need to find or add the parents and/or spouses to obtain their FAG Memorial Number. Then go back to the memorial of the child and/or spouse and click on the “Edit” tab at the top of their FAG memorial page, then click on the “Relationship (parent and spouse links)” link. You can then add the FAG Memorial Number for the Father, Mother and/or Spouse and Year married. You can also add more spouses. This will then be sent to the person maintaining that memorial for approval. My experience has been they are added fairly quickly in most cases.
  • Adding a biography. I highly encourage you to add a “story” about the person if there is not one and you have enough information to do so. Submitting an obituary is also a good idea if you have one. This, in my opinion, makes the person more real when you can read a story about them. To add a biography, I click on the ‘Edit” tab at the top of the page and use the “Suggest a correction or addition” link. If you maintain the memorial, there will be a link on the memorial page to add and/or edit Bio.
  • Uploading photos. If I have a picture of the person or their grave stone, I will upload it to the memorial. It’s always nice to see a picture of the person. Keep in mind, that although these pictures are marked as copyrighted by yourself, some folks believe they can take the picture and use it without permission, so don’t upload any pictures you don’t want copied (this is the www after all). Also, you can further protect it by making sure the Meta data on the photo shows you as the copyright owner.
  • Add Flowers. Adding flowers is easy peasy….just click on the “Leave Flowers and a note” box at the bottom right of the memorial page. A list of flowers to select from will show up.  You can also edit the default selection of flowers by clicking on the “Contributor Tools” link in the left toolbar. On your Contributor page, on the bottom left is a section called Customize. You can edit the Default Flower Category. 


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97 thoughts on “Find A Grave ( – Adding or Changing Information”

  1. Could you please tell me how to submit a name when death date or burial place is unknown? I would like to link that person to a spouse in order to add children to them. I tried to add just the name and link to a spouse but find-a-grave keeps asking for place of burial. There is an “other” option but that is for those cremated and other non-burials. Another option shows a burial not known but that is for recent burials and will only stay that way for 30 days. Then you have to provide a burial place. Thank you for any help you can give me.

    1. Hi Beverly,

      Yes, Findagrave requires you to know the burial information on a person. I have read that they will remove any with unknown cemetery or burial information after 30 days.

      I believe you can note unknown on a death date (I actually have a living relative on there that someone posted. They have a joint headstone with another person, so there is a gravesite location, but no death date yet, which is acceptable to findagrave. However, they will remove living persons upon request).

      At this time, I am not aware of a work around for this. Would like to hear additional feedback, though.

      1. Laura Gessert

        hi no I have created memorials and did not know burial details . burial location has an option of unknown .

      2. You have been misinformed. Findagrave rules say that burial information should be added within 30 days of creating the memorial but unknown burial memorials aren’t automatically deleted. Findagrave does not have enough staff to police every little thing. If you have no respect for the rules, you can create memorials with unknown burials and leave them pretty much as long as you want.

  2. Karen Raye Kelton

    Maybe Findagrave says they will delete the memorials with and unknown burial place. However, Findagrave manages MANY memorials and it does not do this on the ones they manage.

    1. Hi Bren,
      There should be an edit button in the gray section under the Memorial ID. (Share / Shave To / Edit) Click on the Edit drop down and select Edit Memorial.

      Once in the edit screen there is a section for Family Members. You will want to add the same Mother and Father (using their Memorial ID). If you don’t see the ability to add Parents, you can click on the Old version of Find a grave (which will be retired soon).

      Hope this helps.

      1. Frances Togneri

        Hi. I had a lot of difficulty adding a memorial then a bio. The site is very difficult to navigate but the advice given here worked for me and saved my sanity. Sad to see the old site retired. New problem is how to view a bio.

  3. I maintain the memorial pages for my Grandparents. Could you tell me how you add children to the Parents page? When I hit “Edit” it only allows me to edit/add the Spouse or parent info. I am trying to add my father and his siblings to my grandparents pages.

  4. I recently added a custon flower (actually my own digital artwork) to Sadako Sasaki’s site on Find-a-Grave but could not find any way to enter a note (text). The picture shows up on the site but I could not see any kind of text input. How do I add text once the image is uploaded?

  5. Lee (LeRoy Jameson

    Hello .. This is great — finding your page and your comments about Find A Grave. I was unsure if it was okay to post photos and death notices. Thank you.

    Perhaps you can help me with a little problem. I posted the same picture twice on a cemetery page (as opposed to a memorial page) and do not know how to remove it. I can’t seem to find an ‘edit’ button other than the pencil icon for suggested edits.

    Hope you can help and thank you very much.


    1. Brenda Darbyshire

      You cannot yourself remove a photo for a cemetery that is wrong. Write to FAG, then copy of link of the booboo and add explanation of the error and they will remove it!


      1. Hi,
        Your cousin should have provided you with login information. However, I suggest you create your own account and have her transfer the memorials to you.

        The following link will take you to the FAQ page with instructions. Once you get set up and add / edit a few memorials, it should become easier:


  6. Hello…. Some children on my old FAG memorials was dropped on the new FAG. How do I add them back in? Very frustrating.

    1. Hi Jerry, according to their FAQ page here is what they say: “The site does not encourage adding memorials for individuals who are still living. However, when transcribing a cemetery, it is not always possible to determine if the person is living or not. You are welcome to create a ‘pre-need’ memorial for yourself provided that you have a pre-need headstone already in place in a cemetery. Memorials for living people will be removed when a family member contacts the manager with proof or knowledge that the individual is still alive (the exception being for ‘famous’ individuals who already have a burial location in place).” Hope this helps. I found their FAQ page at: .

    1. Janettee McCrary

      FAG takes them over, and if another family member requests to manage them, they may be transferred to that family member.

  7. My father’s biological brother was legally adopted by another family when he was a child. How do I link the two brothers (who remained close all their lives) without putting the biological parents on my uncle? He would be furious to know he was linked in any way with the people who gave him away.

      1. Thanks for your response to my sibling question. I was able to find a work-around. I am the manager on my uncle’s memorial, so I was able to edit the bio information. On my adopted uncle’s memorial (#197176022), I added this information to the bio:
        Ronald Johnson
        Walter Johnson

        This links his biological brothers, whom he loved, to him without linking him to the biological parents (which he would have HATED!). Of course, this means that anyone seeking that information would have to actually READ the bio 🙂

  8. I created a memorial for my aunt. I do not see in the edit function how to add siblings id#. I put in my grandparents as her husbands id#. I’m sure I must be missing something as I have emailed edits to other id#s that I didn’t create and they were added. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  9. I created a memorial for my aunt. I do not see in the edit function how to add siblings id#. I put in my grandparents as her husbands id#. I’m sure I must be missing something as I have emailed edits to other id#s that I didn’t create and they were added. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  10. How can I set the default photo on a Find-A-Grave page where more than one photo has been uploaded?

    1. Hi Sharon, Click on Photos, in the menu bar under the heading area. Click on sort photos. You can then drag the photo you want displayed to be the first photo. Save and refresh. Your first photo should show in the heading area.

  11. Shirley Thompson

    I manage my grandmothers memorial. I am unable to link her siblings to her memorial. How can this be done?

  12. Harold Jaynes

    Hello Pat. Thanks for your work. I’m trying to sort the photos but I don’t see anywhere in the menu bar under the heading area to sort photos. Wondering if it’s because I’m using a Mac…I’ve added some photos of my grandparents and great-grandparents and wish to keep the original photo as the first. Any insight is appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hi Harold,
      Click on Photos, in the menu bar under the heading area. Click on sort photos. You can then drag the photo you want displayed to be the first photo. Save and refresh. Your first photo should show in the heading area.
      Pat 🙂

      1. Harold Jaynes

        Hello Pat. I really appreciate you responding. I figured I really could not explain my issues properly so I recorded the screen and uploaded it to Youtube. It’s barely a minute long. Could you watch this and offer your thoughts? Thank you so much.

      1. Hi Harold, I see you do not have the option to sort photo’s. It looks like you do not manage the memorial. You may have to ask the owner of the memorial to make this change. Or you may ask them to transfer the ownership of the memorial to you. Where your memorial says “suggest edit” mine just shows “edit”, because I manage the memorial. I hope this makes sense. By the way, your video was great!!!
        Pat 🙂

        1. Harold Jaynes

          Well I guess that explains that! I had no idea you had to be the owner of the memorial. Normally what happens are they are people I know or are relatives, but someone might put their tombstone there and that’s it. But as soon as I add them, I guess it moves the current one to the back. Thanks for getting back to me.

  13. All of this adding siblings to their parents is great. The problem is I have several groups of 1st generation American as ancestors that are siblings of each other and I have their parents names and information however most are in Germany and I don’t have any info as to where or if they are buried. Without the ability to directly connect siblings without parents, what is the best approach to accomplish the task.

    When I click on Burial Details Unknown, FAG comes back with this statement:

    “Find A Grave’s purpose is to catalog and make available final disposition information. If burial information is unknown for an individual, Find A Grave is probably not the right place for their information. In rare cases, creating a Find A Grave memorial for someone with no burial information may be warranted, but these should be uncommon. If it is too soon after someone’s passing for burial information to be known, please wait to create the memorial.”

    Is my case one of those rare cases where creating a Find A Grave memorial for someone with no burial information may be warranted? That’s the approach I’ll take as it’s most accurate, without the ability to directly connect siblings the only other option is to make something up. The siblings I’m trying to connect are from the middle 1800’s so the probability is no one would ever know the difference.

    1. Hi Jay, The question about adding siblings comes up so often I thought maybe contacting FAG directly might provide insight into this problem. I’ve sent them a request with this question and will update this when/if I get a response. I’m thinking on the same lines as you as far as adding an unknown parent, however, it sounds like FAG discourages this…so we will see what they have to say.
      Pat 🙂

  14. Carlos Cadena

    How do I link a grandfather to a grandchild it only allows me to link father,mother or spouse thank you for your help

    1. Yes, as far as I know you can only add children through their parents. You can post a comment regarding grandparents, but can only link through parents. Siblings are added through the parents.

    1. If you are not the owner of the memorial, then click on the Suggest Edits where you can add children. I assume the owner will need to approve the suggestion.

      1. Hi Pat, I’m not sure that you can add siblings/children anymore. I am the owner of several memorials, of which I had added children and siblings to some time ago. I was trying to update some memorials today based on a person’s request, and there is no “Children” feature on the Edit Memorials page anymore. The fields now listed under “Family Members” are Father, Mother, Spouse or Add Additional Spouse… There is no field for Children or Siblings as far as I can see (unless I am missing a button somewhere. :). Hope this helps!

  15. I’d like to add the 11 siblings of my Great Grandfather but I’m unable as I’m not the ‘owner’ of the memorial. What happens if the owner passes away? How is anyone new ever able to continue to update the memorials??

    1. You should be able to create new memorials and link to them using the memorial number…so you can add the children by creating each of their memorial. Then you can add the parents by adding the parents memorial. Use the “suggest edits” to suggest name, birth/death, plot, inscription, family links, etc. on existing memorials. IF you need the owner of a memorial to make the changes and there is no response, you should contact
      This link will take you to their contact us page: . Use the to report issues concerning memorials.
      Good Luck, I hope this helps.

  16. Richard Daniel Ball, Memorial #122883206 located in Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana. PLS has added a photo that is not his. Dates are wrong. I have added the correct photo.

    1. Hi Barbara, I see that PLS does not accept messages, but it looks like the memorial is managed by Barbara Baker Anderson. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can click on Barbara Baker Anderson and then send a message to her. I’ve never removed a photo and can’t see how to do that. She may need to contact FAG to removed the image. Maybe other readers will have suggestions.

  17. In looking at my paternal Grandfather, Noah C Aubuchon (SR) 112068602, I found an entry of Alias H Aubuchon 31438728 listed as a half-brother to my Grandfather. Which I know my Grandfather did not have any ‘half-siblings’. My Grandfather’s parents were:
    Lucien Antoine (or Anton) Aubuchon, 112068599, And Mary Elizabeth Cole Aubuchon 112068600, both buried at Smith Chapel Cemetery 1995842

    In doing more research I found that:
    Alias H. Aubuchon’s father was Lucien A. Aubuchon, Jr. MEMORIAL ID 31294504 buried Saint Joseph Cemetery, Bonne Terre, St. Francois County, Missouri.
    Lucien A. Aubuchon, Jr.’s father was Lucien Aubuchon MEMORIAL ID 76138232, buried in Saint Anne Cemetery, French Village, St. Francois County, Missouri

    Alias H. Aubuchon Memorial created by a person who is not accepting messages.
    I submitted a request for editing. I received a message from Find a Grave: ‘A copy of your message sent to the Originator of the memorial’.
    Several days have passed and I have not seen any corrections to my Grandfather’s memorial concerning Alias H. Aubuchon. And because of the ‘mix-up’ several of my Grandfather’s siblings are incorrectly listed in Alias H. Aubuchon’s memorial as being his siblings.
    I’m fairly new at diving into Find a Grave. I’m considering making new memorials for my Grandfather and the siblings that are in Alias’s memorial. Please suggest what you believe I should / can do. Thanks much.

    1. Hi Ruth, maybe other readers will have additional suggestions. In reading the FAQ page, they say to give the owner of the site 30 days to make the changes. Here’s a link to the FAQ page:

      Here is their FAQ regarding your question (the first of which you have done):

      How do I update or correct an error in memorial data on a memorial I do not manage?
      You can submit updates or corrections of factual information for any memorial by clicking ‘Suggest Edits’ on the memorial in question. You can suggest updates to the Name, Birth and Death information, Plot and Burial Coordinates, and Inscription. Once the suggestions are saved, the memorial manager will then review the suggestions for approval. If you have additional suggestions, you can use the ‘Suggest other corrections’ option to send an email to the memorial manager. Submitting a large numbers of edits at one time to a single manager may be overwhelming. Please be considerate.

      What if I sent a suggestion via the email option and the member hasn’t responded?
      If you have waited longer than 30 days for an emailed suggestion to be processed and there has not been a response, forward your copy of the suggestion along with source documentation to The suggestion will be reviewed and processed.

      Good Luck!!!
      Pat 🙂

  18. I am really frustrated. I have managed several memorials for years. Today I noticed on Ancestry that several people are attributing one of my ancestors as the father (mother too) to one of their Sarah Elizabeth who was b in SC. They are incorrect. My particular line never lived in SC. Theirs is Sarah Elizabeth, mine is always Sarah E in the records. They have a different location for the death as well as where mine actually died also birthdates are off. You can imagine my shock when I went into findagrave to see the same information attached to my memorial. I never got an email or anything about it. It’s now a mess to say the least. Is there a way that I can unlink them? I have sent change request in but you know how people are sometimes.

    1. Yes, this can be pretty frustrating. If you manage the memorial, you should be able to make the changes, so I assume you do not manage the memorial. If you have submitted changes through the recommend changes link and its been over 30 days, you can contact FAG and request they make the changes. I suggest you also request the memorial be turned over to you to manage. Unfortunately this is a common problem with FAG as you can see by the many comments on this post. Good luck.

      1. Since I contacted you, it has been changed. Yes, I manage the memorial for the parents however someone decided that an unrelated person was their child. Because I do not manage the memorial for the so-called child, I could not make the change. From day 1, it has been that way and it looks like nothing has changed. I did have to go through the request for change and luckily the man who owned the so-called child’s memorial changed it. I was prepared to do battle.

  19. Hi,
    My aunt’s memorial was recently turned over to me. Someone named Kat added an incorrect picture of someone else’s gravestone onto my aunt’s memorial page and since I didn’t add the picture it won’t let me remove it. This person Kat doesn’t allow messages to be sent to her.
    She manages my grandmother’s page actually, she got confused and assumed that my grandmother and grandfather’s stone was also my aunt’s stone but that is not the case.

    The only steps that I could think of to take were:
    I tried contacting Kat through my grandmother’s page by suggesting an edit and then actually telling her the issue with the picture she used on my aunt’s page- no response yet.
    Then I found an email on the forums and tried writing them but nothing yet. Any idea what else I can do to get the picture removed since it is incorrect information?

    I think if you own the memorial you should be allowed to remove ALL photos no matter who added them.

    1. I agree. Hopefully FAG or Kat will respond and take care of the problem. It looks like you’ve followed the instructions they have given, so hopefully it’s just a matter of time to get it fixed.

    1. Hi Angela,
      Many Memorials are established by people who go around and take photo’s at a cemetery or gravesite. They only post what is available from the tombstone. This is apparently “public” information, since anyone can visit the cemeteries. You can suggest edits, by clicking on the “suggest edits” and you can also contact Find A Grave for any concerns you have. If you want the Memorial turned over to you to manage, you can request that. Here is a link to their FAQ page with the most frequently asked questions:

      I hope this helps.

  20. In a person’s memorial (an uncle), I see a way for me to add parents. However, he was adopted and I would like to add his biological AND his adoptive parents. How can I do that. FYI: all parties are deceased in this adoption. His biological siblings knew of this. He was the only child by his adoptive parents.

      1. For anyone that wants to add additional links to a memorial other than the PARENTS/CHILDREN/SIBLINGS….I found this info online. First I type up the bio as I want it to read.
        For example:
        John died in 1982. Born to Melinda and Bob. He was put up for adoption in 1983 and adopted by Sarah and Mike.

        Then I go back and delete the name Sarah. In the same place it was I paste the code at the bottom of this comment. Replace the XXXXX in the code with the memorial number of Sarah and replace the word Name in the code with Sarah.
        What this does is turns the name Sarah blue. If you click on the blue text Sarah, it will take you to her memorial number.
        Repeat the process for Mike.

        For an example of this in use, see memorial number 83160545 for my grandmother. You will see in her bio a notation that she was preceded in death by a granddaughter, Teresa. If you click on Teresa’s name it will take you to her memorial.

        I have also used this process to link siblings when the parents are still living and have no memorials to connect the siblings.

        Unfortunately, I do not remember where exactly I found this code but it was online.


        1. I noticed my code didn’t show up so it can be copied. Let me try again. I found where I got the code from. This is the link to where I originally found the code And below that, a copy of what that page says…maybe that will work better.

          Someone gave me the next two lines of instructions. If they are sufficient for you, then maybe you can skip my discussion after them:
          Simply cut/paste the above into the bio section. Replace the XXXXXXX with the Find a Grave memorial number. Replace Name with the text you want to display on the memorial.

  21. I just started FAG and can not find how to add siblings, children or living spouse to a memorial. There is only space for Parents and Spouse that are deceased and have a memorial ID.

    1. Hi Milton,
      Here is Find A Grave’s answer to adding living people: “The site does not encourage adding memorials for individuals who are still living. However, when transcribing a cemetery, it is not always possible to determine if the person is living or not. You are welcome to create a ‘pre-need’ memorial for yourself provided that you have a pre-need headstone already in place in a cemetery. Memorials for living people will be removed when a family member contacts the manager with proof or knowledge that the individual is still alive (the exception being for ‘famous’ individuals who already have a burial location in place).”

      Here is a link to their FAQ page:


      1. Thanks for your reply but adding a memorial was not my question. I want to add information to a current memorial listing her children, her siblings and her sill living husband. Is there a way to do that. I see such listings on other memorials but do not know how to put the information on the memorials of my loved ones. Thank you for any help you can provide.

      2. Thanks for your reply but adding a memorial was not my question. I want to add information to a current memorial listing her children, her siblings and her sill living husband. Is there a way to do that. I see such listings on other memorials but do not know how to put the information on the memorials of my loved ones. Thank you for any help you can provide.

        1. Hi Milton, sorry for the confusion. The person who manages the memorial should be able to add information. If you click on “Suggest Edits” button under the Memorial ID You can click on Suggest other corrections toward the bottom of the page. This allows you to send a message to the person who manages the memorial. Hopefully they will then add the information as requested, or at least start a dialogue with you.

  22. Yes, Hopefully you are the one that can help correct the records. My parents, C. R. Smith and Patricia L. Smith (Mem 178224831 & 178224862) are shown as buried in Seaside Memorial Park in Corpus Christi, TX. They are not, they once owned said double plots but decided to be buried elsewhere. I sold the double plot almost 2 years ago and someone else is now buried there. I have email find a grave 2 or 3 times, then I just threw my hands up and said to (H_ _ _l) with it. I tried, they just don’t pay attention nor take action

    1. Hi Barbara, it looks like Find a Grave manages this memorial. I suggest clicking on the Suggest an Edit button and submit your request this way. It looks like your parents also purchased a headstone and the photo is where the person who set this up got the information. You could request managing the memorial and this would give you the access to delete the photo and change the information (I think). I hope this works for you. I am not affiliated in any way with Find A Grave. Good Luck.

      1. I have done this on both my parents. It sure did take a long time to get a reply to my question/request. Thanks anyway.

        1. I stumbled across this post and am experienced on this kind of thing on FG, so here are my suggestions:

          – If your parent(s) have a partial marker in this spot (such as name and DOB), you can write FG and request those memorials be tagged as cenotaphs. This acknowledges that the reference exists in that other cemetery and doesn’t detract from the actual place of burial.
          – If there is no marker in the other cemetery, put in a duplicate request (go to one of the memorials for your parent, select Suggest Edits, then on the left select Report Duplicate. Follow the click throughs to the display page, make sure the memorial in the correct cemetery is on the right hand side of the page (use the switch direction link if needed), enter an explanation in the box provided below such as the original explanation you gave, then submit. It will anywhere from a few minutes to 3-4 weeks depending on the complexity to resolve). The rule is that the first memorial in the correct cemetery is preserved, so this will resolve these kinds of instances. Note that merging is the preferred way to resolve since it preserves flowers that might have been left, preserves a redirect url to the correct memorial, etc. “Report Duplicate” also goes to the correct area on the site, which tends to results in a speedier response.

          Even if you write the other memorial manager directly, they’d still have to submit the merge request and might not have the correct memorial numbers or feel versed enough in your explanation to do so. Anyway, because this isn’t a situation the memorial manager can fully resolve on their own, this could be why you didn’t get a response initially, though it would have been nice if they had written back and told you so.

          – If the cemetery itself has your parents listed as buried there in their directory, you will have to contact them directly to have the situation resolved. This might be needed to prevent future duplicates from being created when another volunteer goes through that cemetery’s records.

          Hope this helps.

  23. I manage my family’s memorials on FAG. How can I set up these memorials so that I have to approve any additional information or photos that other people add? I know people are just trying to help, but I find it frustrating to see someone come in behind me and change my work, this has happened a couple of times. When I’ve had additional information about an individual, I have to submit and receive approval for the edit. I would like to do the same thing but am uncertain how. Thank you!

    1. Hi Diane, I thought all Requests for edits have to be approved by the person managing the memorial. Here is a link to their FAQ page, where you may be able to find better answers. Minimally you should be able to delete photo’s on memorials that you manage (under photo’s scroll over the photo and you should get the option to delete it). You can also rearrange them so you can select which one shows at the top. Good Luck.

  24. I am fairly new to this especially when it comes to adding people to a cemetery. My question now
    is how do I remove someone from my family that doesn’t belong there? Somehow it was
    put there by error.

    Eddie Schantz 1-9-21

    1. Hi Eddie,

      The person who manages the memorial needs to do this. For you to “suggest edits”, click on the Suggest Edits button just below the Memorial ID. You will then get options for making changes and communicating with the person managing the memorial. Hopefully they will respect your suggestions and take care of it.

        1. Hi Barbara, you may be receiving all comments for this post, not just yours. I believe there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email if you don’t want to see the comments for this post.

          Pat 🙂

      1. Pat, thanks for your reply. That is what I tried to do. I contacted the person who was in charge
        of the wrong person in our family and she responded that she is turning that over to me and now my name is on there. There was no discussion, she just handed it over to me. I have learned how to connect families together but I haven’t learned yet how to add people and to edit something that is incorrect. But I do want to learn the procedure for adding people, pictures etc.
        What do you suggest as the best learning tool? I have looked on the site as best I could to find
        a teaching tool but so far I haven’t found any specific answers to questions I have asked.

        1. Hi Eddie,

          To edit your memorial just click on the edit button located under the Memorial ID. You can only add or delete Father, Mother and Spouses. If you need to remove a child, it needs to be done through the child’s memorial. So the person managing the child’s memorial will need to remove the parent relationship.

          Here is a link to the Find A Grave FAQ page that may be of help:

          Good luck.

          Pat 🙂

  25. Eddie Schantz

    HI Pat

    I saw the question by Mark North. I am just curious how my e-mail address was tied to

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