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My Families

My Paternal Families

  • Father: Luke Erwin Doerr
  • Paternal Grandfather: Theodore Peter Doerr
  • Paternal Grandmother: Anna Marie Kappes
  • Paternal Great Grandfather: William Doerr
  • Paternal Great Grandmother: Marie Catherine Untereiner
  • Paternal Great Grandfather: Vincent Kappes
  • Paternal Great Grandmother: Mary Bodensteiner

My Maternal Families

  • Mother: Eleanor Alberta Marks (aka Mark)
  • Maternal Grandfather: Andrew William Marks
  • Maternal Grandmother: Marie Anine Larsen
  • Maternal Great Grandfather: Andrew Marks (Mørk)
  • Maternal Great Grandmother: Margrethe Budolfsen
  • Maternal Great Grandfather: Jens Christen Larsen
  • Maternal Great Grandmother: Anna Madsen
William & Catherine Doerr 50th Wedding Anniversary - November 13, 1927

The above picture was taken at William and Catherine Doerr’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration at the farm of John Moellers in Winneshiek County, Iowa.

Names of those in the photo:

1st row: John Moellers, Jr; Ardis Einck; Ila Einck; Frederick Einck; Donald Einck; Edna Moellers; Clair Moellers; Maurice Doerr; Luke Erwin Doerr (my father); Jerome Einck; William Doerr.
2nd row: Amanda Schultz; Elizabeth Meyer Miller; Irene Einck; Amelia Espeseth (Gina’s sister); Anna Doerr holding LeRoy Doerr (my grandmother and Uncle LeRoy); Cornelia Espeseth (Gina’s mother); Helen Moeller holding Ralph Moeller; Gina Espeseth Doerr holding Arlawayne Doerr; Catherine Einck holding Helen Einck; John Doerr holding Dorisgene Doerr; Mrs. August Meyer; Ben Einck; Julie Einck; Gilbert Torgenson (John Doerr’s friend); Catherine Doerr (my great grandmother), Henry Schultz holding Geneva Schultz; William Doerr (my great grandfather); A.J. Einck; August Meyer; John Moeller; Ted Doerr (my grandfather); Henry Miller.


The Van Matre Family

In addition to my family, I’ve done considerable work on my children’s paternal family, The Van Matre’s. I have done a series: “A Jan Joosten Van Meteren Line“. About the people and the places they lived. You can find the Intro Here. The Van Matre’s came over from Holland in 1662, so have a long and interesting history that I’ve been able to trace. There is a lot of conflicting information that I will share. The original name was van Meteren and changed to Van Metre or Van Meter (spelling of names was dependent on the person doing the writing). One branch of the family would later use the spelling Van Meter, another Van Mater.  A much later generation for our line would change the spelling to from Van Metre to Van Matre, the reason unknown.  However, they all most likely descended from the same family in Holland, and the two cousins who emigrated to America. 

Bud and Betty Van Matre

Bud and Betty Van Matre, my children’s paternal grandparents

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