Family History Questionnaire

As part of the Genealogy Do-Over, Week 2 topics are about conducting self and family interviews.  I’ve reviewed many questionnaires online 1 and came up with my own list.

  1. What is your full name given at birth? Why did your parents select this name for you? Did you have a nickname?
  2. When were you born? Where were you born (hospital, city, state, etc.)?
  3. Where did you live (do you remember the address)?
  4. What brought your parents to this area?
  5. Were there other family members in the area? If so, who and how were they related?
  6. What was your home like, e.g. house, apartment, farm, etc.? How many bedrooms and bathrooms did it have?
  7. What other places did you live during your childhood years (if any)?
  8. Do you remember getting your first television or telephone? How old were you? What kind of washing machine did you have?
  9. What is your first childhood memory?
  10. Did you have any siblings? If so what were their names and birthdates? Describe their personalities. Were you close to them?
  11. Were there any other relatives or persons living with you? What was their relationship to you and do you remember anything about them?
  12. What did you do for entertainment while growing up? Did you play cards, board games, and outdoor games?
  13. Did you read while growing up? If so, did you go to the local library to get your books, or were you given books?
  14. Did you have any pets? If so, do you remember their names and anything about them?
  15. Did your family go on any trips? If so, do you remember where to? And/or anything about them?
  16. What was your school like as a child? What was your favorite subject? What was your least favorite subject? And why? Did you go to more than one school?
  17. Did you participate in any school activities or sports?
  18. What chores did you do as a child? Did you get an allowance?
  19. What fads were popular when you were a child?
  20. What was your favorite type of music? A favorite song or music group?
  21. Was religion an important part of your family life? If so, what religion did your family practice and what did it mean to you?
  22. Were you ever mentioned in a newspaper? If so, for what?
  23. Who were your friends growing up? Are you still friends with them?
  24. What world events happened during your childhood and how did they impact you or your family?
  25. What was a typical family dinner like? Did you have certain foods on specific nights? Did you eat as a family at the table? Who did the cooking? Did you have a favorite food?
  26. Did you have any family recipes handed down?
  27. Did you celebrate holidays? Birthdays, Christmas? Were there any family traditions?
  28. What do you remember about your parent’s relatives (Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents)? Who was the oldest one you remember?
  29. Were there any naming conventions in your family?
  30. Do you know anything about your mother and fathers surnames?
  31. Do you have any famous or infamous realtives?
  32. If you went to college or vocational education, what school did you go to?
  33. What medical issues have you had to deal with throughout your life?
  34. Were you ever married and if so, what was the name of your spouse (or spouses) and tell us more about him/her.
  35. When and where did you get married?
  36. Do you have any children? If so what are their names, birthdates. Any fun information about each of them. (How did you name them?)
  37. What family activities did you enjoy.
  38. Did you have any family traditions with your own family?
  39. What was your occupation, if any?
  40. Looking back, would you choose the same profession?
  41. What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?
  42. What would you like your great great grandchildren to know about you?
  43. How many places have you lived during your lifetime? Describe each place and why you lived there.
  44. What places have you traveled to?
  45. What were some of your more memorable vacations?
  46. In looking back on your life, can you think of any events that took place that stand out and / or had a big impact on your life?


1 The following questionnaires were used to help put together my own questionnaire:


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