In Memory of Ellie

Ellie, Ellie Elliot, John and Ellie

Monday, March 4th was so sad
We lost our Ellie, her health was bad
The fall of 2023 the Vet was sure
Stage 4 Kidney disease, no cure

She spent four days in hospital then
For them to test and get her eating again
But finally told us there is nothing to be done
Enjoy her now while we can.

We adopted the pair Elliot and Ellie
In the spring of 2018, you see
Born in December of 2014
They were 3 when first seen on TV

Over a year ago it’s been
Since Elliot was diagnosed with Diabetes
Two shots a day we now have to give
For him to happily live

Dr Dave, our favorite vet at Elliot said
“Who’d think you were the healthy one?”
And now Elliot is left with us alone you see
Ellie now in heaven with our other fur babies

On our desks, Ellie was almost always near
Or you could find her in a nearby chair
If not, out on the porch to see
The birdies, squirrels, and bunnies

She was our counter baby
Nothing wrong with the hopper on that lady
She’d want to drink from the tap it’s true
Whenever either one of us went to the loo

Her fur was so soft, the color of ebony
Sometimes she blended in so we couldn’t see
More than once, I almost sat on her
Not noticing she was in my chair

Ellie please know, we dearly love and miss you


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