Visby, Sweden

Sunday, June 26th we docked in Visby, Sweden, Europe’s most well-preserved medieval city, including a city wall, medieval street grid, storehouses and church ruins. Visby has been on UNESCO’s list of World heritage Sites since 1995. The Visby City Wall encircles the entire inner city. The town wall dates back to the 12th & 13th century and is 10 to 11 meters (32-36 feet) in height. Visby is a small community of about 25,000 and is home to the walled village on the Gotland Island in the Baltic Sea. The town wall is more than 2 miles long and circles the old stone houses, churches and street system. 

We decided to walk into the city and see what we could see. We left about 9:30 a.m. in the morning and we got there about 10:00 a.m. Nothing seemed to be open, so we just kept walking down the cute (but empty) lanes. We thought maybe things were closed because it was Sunday, but we finally found a little outdoor cafe that was open and found that things just opened a bit later.

We were pretty hot so we ordered drinks and found that they could not serve beer until 11:00 a.m. on Sundays. So we just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful weather and town until 11:00. John got a local beer “Visby Weisse” and I got a Coke. We shared a side of fries.

We relaxed for about an hour and then walked down the hills through the town to exit the walled city. It turned out we came in the back way. The town is very quaint with cobbled and narrow streets. The old buildings, streets and walls are well maintained.

We got a bit overheated but overall it was a wonderful town that we would like to re-visit.

After resting in our room for a bit we spent time in the Serenity area relaxing and enjoying one of our free drinks. (We get two each any time for being Platinum level).

John went to the evening show: “Heart of Soul”.

Weather was in low 80’s, partially cloudy skies. A beautiful day!

Map of Gotland Island, Sweden showing location of Visby
Map of Gotland Island, Sweden. Purple Balloon shows location of Visby.

Visby, Sweden Photos

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