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Deschutes County, Oregon

Deschutes County, Oregon In this post I will be covering Oregon History and Deschutes County, Oregon communities: Cloverdale, Redmond and Bend, where our Van Matre families settled. The

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Frederick Hunnell (1834-1884)

Frederick Hunnell (1834-1884) Frederick Hunnell, born Frederick Alfred Hunnell, Jr. to Frederick A. and Ruth (Marshall) Hunnell. This is a maternal line. Two of Fred and Ruths children

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8 Van Matre Cousins

Eight Van matre Cousins Eight of John Johnson Van Matre‘s granddaughters, all about the same age, decided back in 1928, to get together once a year. They continued

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Allen Ludden (1917-1981)

Allen Ludden (1917-1981) Allen Ludden was named Allen Packard Ellsworth at birth and was the son of Elmer and Leilia Matilda (Allen) Ellsworth. When he was just 15

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