Sharing Genealogy Research

This weeks Genealogy Do-Over Topics are:

  • Sharing Research
  • Reviewing Research Travel Options

Sharing Research

Here are the ways in which I share my research:

  • My online trees are public, except for living people.
  • I have started documenting my sources in my trees for others to see. Although more work needs to be done.
  • I participate in many genealogy facebook groups
  • As I learn new research tools and tips, I write a blog post to share
  • I put my Genealogy Research ToolBox online, so others can use it
  • I give credit where credit is due…when others help me or I obtain documents from others, I always try to give them credit in my writings.

There is always room for improvement and this weeks assignment has reminded me of some of the basic genealogy etiquette.

What I haven’t done, is track my work.  Thomas suggests tracking my work using Google Alerts.

Reviewing Research Travel Options

Thomas provided a list of options for Genealogy Research Travel.  What caught my eye is the research trips sponsored by genealogical societies and individuals.  Oh My!  This sounds really interesting or maybe a Genealogy Cruise.  I guess I better start saving. Here are places I’d like to travel to for Do-It-Yourself genealogy research:

  • Road Trip: North Carolina to Iowa
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – research my 2nd great grandfather, Wilhelm Dörr (aka William Doerr, Sr.), who met my 2nd great grandmother, Anna Druffner and married her in Philidelphia. They had three children while living there. His brother owned a restaurant there at 15 S. 17th Street.
    • Fayette Township, Layfayette County, Wisconsin – where my children’s paternal 2nd great grandparents, Nathan Kelly and Marilda Wiley Van Matre, were raised and owned property. And where my husband’s great grandfather (and namesake), John Henry Meili, settled with his wife Henrietta Schreiber. The Van Matre’s and Meili’s lived within 4 miles of each other.
    • Winneshiek and Fayette Counties in Iowa where my fathers family all grew up. Meet the relatives, who so generously have helped in my research. There are many side trips to cemeteries, churches, properties, courthouses and possibly attending the annual Doerr Family Reunion.
  • Bucket List: Travel to Denmark where both my maternal grandmother, Nina Larsen Marks Buchan and grandfather, Andrew William Marks, families were from.
  • Bucket List: Travel to Germany and France where my paternal 2nd great grandparents, Wilhelm Dörr and Anna Druffner; Jacques (Jacob) Untereiner and Elisabeth Bouillon; Frances Joseph Kappes and Katherine Ditzenbach; and John Carl Bodensteiner and Margaretha Balk are from. And where my husbands great grandmother, Henrietta Schreiber is from.
  • Bucket List: Travel to Scotland where my husbands great grandfather, John Henry Meili, is from.
  • Next Year: Attend one of the genealogy conferences.

Well, a girl can dream. 🙂

The Genealogy Do-Over journey is a 13 week challenge from Thomas MacEntee, of GeneaBloggers.

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