Olden, Norway

Thursday, June 16th we docked in Olden Norway. Olden is a small town of about 500 people at the end of the Nordfjord (north Fjord). There are spectacular views and a great neighbor in Jostedalsbreen Glacier, Europes largest. It’s also a national park, spans 66 miles and features striking glaciers, immense waterfalls, and massive snow-capped mountains.

We docked right downtown with fun views of the little town and walking distance to shops. Nice!

Prior to entering the fjord, at about 1:30 a.m., the ship lost power. All lights were out throughout the ship. John was awakened when the air conditioning fan stopped. No explanation, but a bit disconcerting. We lost WiFi for most of the day. We used John’s phone as a hotspot. The SIM card has come in handy.

John was going to go on the “Loen Skylift and Kjenndalen” Excursion which was 4 hours long that included seeing the Glacier, but due to an avalanche the glacier portion of the excursion was removed, so he cancelled that tour and we just got off the ship and did a short “choochoo” train tour that took a bit over an hour. We saw beautiful Olden Lake, views of the mountains and streams along with picturesque countryside. We were then dropped off in town and did a bit of shopping where John picked up a local brew. Although a bit of sprinkles now and then weather was overall very good.

John went to the show “Heart of Soul”.

Fun factoid: Norway is known for it’s Trolls. 

A fun debarking! Our room was on the land side of the ship and we were able to people watch from our balcony. The restaurant next to the pier played a song loud enough for us cruisers to hear and at the gate to the ship a group of folks danced to the music as we were getting ready to debark giving us a fun send off.

Map Showing our Cruise Stops in Norway
Map Showing our Cruise Stops plus the Atlantic Coast Hwy (an excursion destination).

Olden, Norway Photos

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