Carnival Pride - Barcelona, Spain Cruise Day!

Thursday, May 19, 2022 we began our 43-day cruising adventure, saliling on the first of 4 Cruises. This one goes to the Mediterranean out of Barcelona, Spain.  The following is this cruises itinerary:

  • 19 May – Day 1   –  Barcelona, Spain
  • 20 May – Day 2   –  Sea Day
  • 21 May – Day 3   –  Sea Day
  • 22 May – Day 4   –  Kotor, Montenegro
  • 23 May – Day 5   –  Corfu, Greece
  • 24 May – Day 6   –  Sea Day
  • 25 May – Day 7   –  Naples, (Amalfi Coast by Water & Pompeii), Italy
  • 26 May – Day 8   –  Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy
  • 27 May – Day 9   –  Livorno (Tuscany), France
  • 28 May – Day 10 –  Toulon, France

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The Cruise Map

Map showing route of our Mediterranean Cruise
Map showing route of our Mediterranean Cruise.

Thursday, May 19th

We were picked up on time at the hotel by Taxi and delivered to the Barcelona Cruise Port. It was a short (maybe 15 minutes or so) drive. There was no problems checking in, no waiting, no lines. Nice!!  We did have to wait about 1 1/2 hours before we could board  the ship due to a delay in debarkation of the previous Cruise, but it was a comfortable wait, so no big deal.

As we boarded, we got our Bon Voyage photo taken.

Pat and John Burns Bon Voyage Phot
Pat & John Burns Bon Voyage! Photo

We had skipped breakfast so had an early lunch on the ship and after checking into our Muster Station, spent the day touring the ship. 

Once our room was ready, we unpacked and got that chore done.  

We had dinner in the Main Dining Room.


Barcelona, Spain Cruise Day Photos

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