Barcelona, Spain and Travel day

Our travel day was long, due to a long flight from Raleigh, North Carolina to Barcelona, Spain.  Our first flight via New York (planned to arrive two days before Cruise Day) was cancelled due to storms in New York. We were then rebooked for the next day via Atlanta, Georgia and it was a 13 hour flight from Atlanta to Barcelona.


We arrived in Barcelona on May 18th at about 8:00 am Barcelona time. This became a tight timeframe because Barcelona was scheduled for Taxi strike from 10:00 am to 2:00. pm., so they stopped taking passengers at the airport at 9:30 am.  Luckily we got the last Taxi before they went on strike and we made it to our hotel by about 10:00 am.  

We had planned a full day excursion, but missed it due to the delay in our flight.  Luckily, we did not risk missing our cruise day. Also, due to the missed day (and charged for the room), we were able to check in to our hotel “Motel One” without waiting.  So that was good. Although we were tired, John wanted to get a sim card for his phone, and the closest place was about a 20 minute walk from the hotel.

Hotel One, Barcelona, Spain
Hotel One, Barcelona, Spain

So, after arriving we spent a couple of hours walking around, looking for and buying a sim card for John’s phone. It took us a bit longer because when we got to the shop, they required Johns passport to complete the transaction, which, of course, we left in the hotel room.  So, we had to walk all the way back to the hotel to get his passport and walk back to the store.  Fortunately it was a beautiful day and we took a different route, so got to see a bit more of Barcelona.

After buying the sim card we stopped at a little outside cafe called “Bar Lleida” for lunch. It was a fun, relaxing meal as we were right in the heart of where all the Taxi’s were going for their “strike”. They drove around the city, honking their horns and making a big deal of their plight before all congregating at the park right across the street from our hotel.  Apparently they were striking against Uber, according to our taxi driver. 

John Burns in Barcelona, Spain
John Burns enjoying a local brew in Barcelona, Spain
Pat Burns, Barcelona, Spain
Pat Burns enjoying a Coke (yes they serve it with lemon in Europe), Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain Taxi Strike
Taxi Strike, Barcelona, Spain

After lunch we walked back to the hotel and relaxed & napped (our internal clocks were a bit off).   

We had dinner at another little outside cafe called the “Bell Pepper” before returning to the hotel where we arranged for a Taxi to the Cruise Terminal for the next morning before retiring for the night.

Tomorrow is Cruise Day!!! I will cover this on my next post. 

Pat and John Burns, enjoying a meal at the Bell Pepper
Pat and John Burns enjoying a meal at the Bell Pepper.

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