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Theodore Uhlenhake in blue. Partial 1886 Plat Map Military Township

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Theodore Uhlenhake and Julia Pauline Doerr Uhlenhake Family

JULIA PAULINE DOERR daughter of Wilhelm and Anna (Drufner) Doerr

  • born: 23 Apr 1863 in Military Township, Winneshiek County, Iowa, USA
  • died: 02 Apr 1885 at the age of 21 in Festina, Winneshiek County, Iowa, USA
  • married: THEODORE UHLENHAKE SR. on 17 May 1881 in Festina, Winneshiek County, Iowa, USA

THEODORE UHLENHAKE SR., son of Ferdinand and Katharina (Haag) Uhlenhake

  • born: 09 Jun 1853 in Festina, Winneshiek County, Iowa, USA
  • died: 20 Oct 1899 at the age of 46 in Ossian, Winneshiek County, Iowa, USA

Julia and Theodore would have two children, Catherine and Julia (covered below) before she dies at the young age of 21.  She and Theodore are both buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Festina, Winneshiek County, Iowa.


Photo-Theodore and Julia (Doerr) Uhlenhake
Theodore and Julia (Doerr) Uhlenhake
Theodore would 2nd marry Anna K. Einck daughter of Bernhard Heinrich and Anna Maria Katharina (Bullerman) Einck, on February 11, 1886 in Festinia, Winneshiek County, Iowa, USA. Theodore and Anna had the following children:
  1. Mary A. Uhlenhake (1886-1962)
  2. Elizabeth Ann Uhlenhake (1888-1969)
  3. Theodore A. Uhlenhake, Jr. (1889-1965)
  4. Anna F. Uhlenhake (1891-1941)
  5. Sophia Christine Uhlenhake (1893-1967)
  6. John Anthony Uhlenhake (1896-1971)
  7. Clemens Ferdinand Uhlenhake (1896-1971)
Theodore farmed on property in section 19, Military Township (highlighted in blue above), just south of the William Doerr farm. His father Ferdinand acquired the property from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on March 10, 1856. This is where he and Anna would raise their family.
Theodore and Anna (Einck) Uhlenhake
Theodore and Anna (Einck) Uhlenhake

The following story was written by Theordore and Anna’s grand-daughter, Bernadetta “Bonnie” Woodward:1

“Grandpa (Theordore Uhlenhake) died October 20, 1899. He had severe quincy.  The doctors came to the house, lanced the neck glands, they burst on the inside and he choked to death.

Anna (Einck) Uhlenhake sold the 174 ½ acre farm for $230.00 per acre in 1920.”

[Quinsy is a medical term for a peritonsillar abscess. It’s an uncommon complication of tonsillitis that can happen when a throat abscess develops after infection spreads from the tonsils. If the abscess grows large enough, it can block the airways, causing breathing difficulties, so it’s important it’s treated early.]


Theodore Uhlenhake Family
Anna (Einck) Uhlenhake Family

Theordore and Julia Pauline (Doerr) Uhlenhake Children

Julia and Catherine Uhlenhake
Julia and Catherine Uhlenhake
  1. MARY CATHERINE “CATY” UHLENHAKE daughter of Theodore Uhlenhake Sr. and Julia Pauline Doerr Uhlenhake, was born on 03 Mar 1883 in Winneshiek County, Iowa, USA. She died on 21 Aug 1955 at the age of 72 in Festina, Winneshiek County, Iowa, USA. She married HERMAN “HENRY” VICTOR LECHTENBERG JR., son of Herman and Maria “Mary” (Terbeck) Lechtenberg, on 04 Jun 1901 in Festina, Winneshiek County, Iowa. He was born on 14 Apr 1874 in Festina, Winneshiek County, Iowa, USA. He died on 14 Jan 1958 at the age of 83 at St. Joseph’s Hospital following a several weeks’ illness, in New Hampton, Chickasaw County, Iowa. This is an ancestor I will follow.
  2. JULIA ANN UHLENHAKE daughter of Theodore Uhlenhake Sr and Julia Pauline Doerr Uhlenhake, was born on 25 Feb 1885 in Festina, Winneshiek County, Iowa, USA. She died on 24 Sep 1960 at the age of 75 in Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota. She married HENRY JOHN HEIMAN son of Johann Theodor and Elizabeth (Heuckman) Heiman, on 02 Oct 1904. He was born on 11 Feb 1882 in Ahlen, Warendorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. He died on 29 Nov 1960 at the age of 78 in Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin, USA. This is an ancestor I will follow.



  • Familly Photos provided by Linus Cremer. Thanks Linus!
  • Anna (Einck) Uhlenhake Family Photo, date unknown, shared by BOBOTT1 on 31 Dec 2017,


  1. Anna K. (Einck) Uhlenhake Story “Anna Sotry” Written by Bernadetta “Bonnie” Woodward, December 1982 retrieved from at (Accessed 18 Jul 2019). Shared by dtsmax 01 Feb 2018.

The family Information was retrieved from a variety of family trees, webgens and family stories. I will note citations as appropriate and hope the information assists you in your research, but please do not use this as proven evidence. Feedback is welcome!

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