Toulon, France

Saturday, May 28th, we anchored in Toulon, France.  We didn’t have an excursion scheduled, so we slept in and had a late breakfast.

We then left the ship and the cruise line provided a free boat shuttle across the bay. We spent a couple of hours in Toulon. While there we took a 45 minute “little tourist train” tour which was perfect for relaxing and enjoying the city. We then spent a half hour or so just walking around and doing a little shipping. Weather was hot, in the upper 80s.

Toulon was hit pretty hard during World War II. The bay area is a major military base and was bombed and destroyed in 1942 as were over 60 some ships. The area was rebuilt after the war. When German took over they scuttled many of their own ships. There are many ancient structures around the city.

Once we returned to the ship we spent some time playing Scrabble and just relaxing. Today is the last day of the first cruise and it’s odd not having to pack up and put our bags out. We don’t even have to change rooms. We’ll go through our first back to back cruise tomorrow.

On our way to dinner we stopped at the bar and got a free drink which is included with our gold status. We get a free drink the last night of the cruise. I got a Long Island Ice Tea and John got a Gibson.

Toulon, France Photos

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