Vigo, Spain

Friday, June 3rd we docked at Vigo, Spain. Vigo is a city on Spain’s northwest coast, just north of the Portugal northern border.  The city is on the Rio do Vigo (Vigo River). 

We didn’t take a ship excursion this stop. Instead, we just got off the ship and walked around the port area. 

We stopped at a coffee shop and when John thought he ordered a double shot of whatever coffee he ordered, he ended up with 2 cups of coffee, ha ha!

We found a shop that had a selfie stick and replaced the one that  stopped working. Yay! There was also an electronics store (like Fry’s) that we stopped at.

The weather was perfect during the time we were off the ship, around 70° and although it rained later in the afternoon, that was after we returned to the ship.

This afternoon we spent several hours just sitting on our balcony enjoying the beautiful weather and watching the activity at the cruise terminal. We had a beautiful view of the city from our balcony and were on the shady side, too.

Tonight we went to the show “80’s Pop to the Max”.

Map Showing Spain and Portugal Boundaries
Map Showing Portugal and Spain boundaries. Vigo outlined in Red.
Map showing location of Vigo, Spain
Map showing location of Vigo, Spain

Vigo, Spain Photos

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