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Louis DuBois Family

Louis DuBois Louis DuBois, (sometimes called Louis deWall, or the Walloon) was born at Wicres, near Lille, Artois, France [Walloon Flanders, Spanish Netherlands] on October 27, 1626. I’ve

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Mattheus Blanchan Family

Mattheus Blanchan Family Mattheus Blanchan and Madelaine Brissen Joire are the oldest immigrant ancestors in the van Matre line I am following. They are the great grandparents of Joost

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The Esopus Wars

The Esopus Wars There were two “Esopus Wars” between the Lenape Indians also called the Esopus Tribe and the New Netherland colonists between 1659 and 1663.  The first

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New Netherlands

New Netherlands Colony Jan Joost Van Meteren and his family arrived in the “New Amsterdam, New Netherlands” in 1662. They traveled up the Hudson River to Wiltwick (now

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The Crom Children

The Crom Children Jan Joosten and wife, Macyke Hendricks immigrated to America on the ship “de Vos”. leaving Amsterdam, Netherlands. “D’Vos sailed on 31 August 1662 and arrived

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The Netherlands

The Netherlands This post is about The Netherlands and includes a map to give you a visual look at where our Van Meteren ancestors are from.  I’ve edited

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