Author: Pat Burns

Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger, Norway Sunday, June 12th we docked in Stavanger, Norway. This was a really cute little town of about 130,000 people. The city’s rapid population growth in the

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Paris, France

La Havre and Paris, France La Havre, France Paris, France About Paris, France La Havre and Paris, France Photos La Havre, France On Wednesday, June 8th we docked

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Cognac, France

La Rochelle & Cognac, France then a Sea Day La Rochelle, France Cognac France La Rochelle & Cognac, France Photos Sea Day Sea Day Photos La Rochelle, France

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La Coruña, Spain

La Coruña, Spain Saturday, June 4th we docked in La Coruña, Spain, which is located at the farthest Northwestern part of Spain. After a relaxing morning we went

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Vigo, Spain

Vigo, Spain Friday, June 3rd we docked at Vigo, Spain. Vigo is a city on Spain’s northwest coast, just north of the Portugal northern border.  The city is

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Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal Thursday, June 2nd we docked in the port of Leixöes, Portugal.  We took a Tuk Tuk excursion from the ship to the historic town of Porto,

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