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Tower of London

The Tower of London We made several trips past the Tower of London during our three days in London and this post is just a short bit about

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark and Sea Day Wednesday, June 9th we docked in Copenhagen, Denmark. A very flat country. We did an excursion “Copenhagen City and Harbor Tour”. This was

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Kiel, Germany

Kiel, Germany Tuesday, June 28th we docked in Kiel, Germany. Kiel is at the end of a 17 km (10 1/2 mile) long Kiel Fjord. The sea comes

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Warnemünde / Rostock, Germany

Warnemünde and Rostock, Germany Warnemünde, Germany Warnemünde Photos Rostock, Germany Rostock Photos St. Peters Church St. Peters Church Photos St. Marys Church St. Marys Church Photos Map showing

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Visby, Sweden

Visby, Sweden Sunday, June 26th we docked in Visby, Sweden, Europe’s most well-preserved medieval city, including a city wall, medieval street grid, storehouses and church ruins. Visby has

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Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland Saturday, June 25th we docked in Helsinki, Finland. This was a short day for us. We took the “Helsinki By the Sea” Excursion. We boarded a

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