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Christian Doerr

Christian Doerr 17 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, PA. This is where Christian and Jane Louise Doerr ran their Oyster Bar. Corner of the current block with City Hall.

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Elizabeth Dörr Ruehl Family

Elizabeth Dörr Ruehl Family Locations where Henry and Elizabeth Ruehl Lived Elizabeth Dörr Ruehl Elizabeth (Dörr) Ruehl daughter of Johann Adam Dörr and Maria Nahrgang Dörr (my 2nd

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Johann Adam Dörr Family

Johann Adam Dörr Family Map showing location of Rüdigheim and Niederklein, Germany Johann Adam Dörr Johann Adam Dörr, son of Christoph Dörr and Maria Elisabeth (Feußner) Dörrborn:     

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Niederklein, Stradtallendorf, Germany

Niederklein, Stradtallendorf, Germany Currently, Niederklein is a community in the town of Stadtallendorf, in the district of Marburg-Biedenkopf, State of Hesse, Germany. Stadtallendorf district includes the communities of

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