London Day 2

Sunday, July 2nd, we spent more time on the Hop On Hop Off bus than intended. Today was the Pride day parade and many of the stops got diverted. One of them, of course, was the one we wanted to get off on. And the driver never informed us. We just got confused when we couldn’t figure out the stops. I finally asked him and he said “Oh, we aren’t anywhere near there, we are way over here.” So, we spent at leapt an hour more on the bus than intended but the sites were all good and it was easy riding so no big deal. 

We took took the river cruise a little bit later than originally intended, but it turned out to be a fun way to see the banks of the River Thames. The cruise was about 90 minutes or so going all the way up to Greenwich and back. We even got to see the Tower Bridge go up, So the delay was totally worth it. 

Instead of returning to our stop on the bus we decided to walk back to the hotel which was only about a 20 minute walk and an easy on at that, passing Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben / Clock Tower), The West side of The Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey (see map).

I’ve posted additional information and photos for The Palace of Westminster, Tower of London, The Tower Bridge and The London Eye.

Tonight we walked 15 minutes or so to a little pub called The White Swan for a light dinner. John had fish and chips, Pat just had chips. Total walking today almost 10,000 steps, but they were easy ones.

After dinner, we relaxed in our room. I read and John watched a James Bond movie, ha!

Today was another good weather day, mix of sunny and cloudy.

Map showing distance from our hotel to the London Eye.
Map showing distance from our hotel to the London Eye.

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