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Land Records for Genealogy and Ancestry Research

Land records can provide exciting information when doing genealogy and ancestry research. The Bureau of Land Mangement records are public and free. There are also pay for tools such as provided by HistoryGeo. 

Many historical plat maps show ownership of land. I found many in the Iowa Digital Library, however they have changed their site, so I recommend using their search bar using the county, “County Name Plat Map” for example. You can also access many Plat Maps using Historical Map Works. You can view the maps in their viewer, but if you want a copy of the map, it’s a pay for service. 

Land Records for Genealogy and Ancestry Links

Bureau of Land Management
Provides access to  Federal land conveyance records for the Public Land States, title records between 1788 and the present.

a family history software service for linking old maps and land records to genealogy research. Review the tutorial to see what it can do. This is a paid for service.

Iowa Digital Libaries 
Iowa Plat Maps and more

Historical Map Works
Historical Maps, Plat Maps

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