Social Media

Social Media for Genealogy and Ancestry Resources

Find a facebook group for the area of your research, connect with other genealogists for help, obtain materials for your project and so much more support in the links below.

Social Media for Genealogy and Ancestry Links

Genealogy on Facebook List ( – an amazing resource of 4,500+ links to various pages and groups on Facebook covering almost every aspect of genealogy and family history.

Technology for Genealogy ( – got a technical question related to genealogy software or even what type of scanner to buy? Here’s a group of over 13,000 helpful genealogists who will gladly answer any type of question.

The Organized Genealogist ( – over 19,000 people sharing ideas about getting their genealogy materials and digital files organized. Covers filing systems, file naming conventions, archival practices and more. Again, another group where you post a question and other helpful genealogists provide answers and options.

Genealogy – Cite Your Sources ( – have a question about the proper way to cite a specific record? Not sure how to get started on citing your sources? This group will point you in the right direction and show you how easy it is to get your sources cited.

While some people think Pinterest is purely a bunch of BSOs (“bright and shiny objects”), others have been able to build research toolboxes and even ancestor timelines to share with others. Keep in mind that Pinterest is currently the #3 source for website traffic (after Google and Facebook). See the GeneaBloggers boards on Pinterest ( for examples.

Did you know you can search Twitter without having a Twitter account? Use this link to search the #genealogy “hashtag” ( Remember that a hashtag is simply a label or a way to tell people what the posted message is about.