The above photo was taken during our trip to Sydney, Australia in December, 2015. What a beautiful city.

Genealogy Do-Over Week 11 -Social Media and Building Your Network

This weeks topics are Reviewing Social Media Options Building a Research Network Reviewing Social Media Options There are are variety of social media networks, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. My favorite is Facebook. It seems people either love it or hate it. Well, I’m one who loves it.  I admit, I… Continue Reading

Genealogy Do-Over Week 10 part 1 – Reviewing DNA Testing Options

This weeks Genealogy Do-Over Topics are: Reviewing DNA Testing Options Organizing Research Materials – Digital Reviewing DNA Testing Options Before you take a DNA test, it’s a good idea to understand the different kinds of testing and the options for getting the tests. For genealogical purposes, there are three types of testing that are most… Continue Reading

Genealogy Do-Over Week 8 – Collateral Research / Offline Education

This weeks Topics are: Conducting Collateral Research Reviewing Offline Education Options Conducting Collateral Research The differences between Collateral research and Cluster research are a bit confusing.  In reading Thomas’ explanation, here is what I believe are the differences. Collateral research means researching those who are not the direct line ancestors, but who are considered part… Continue Reading

Vincent and Mary Kappes Kids

The Kappes family is the least known on my tree, since there were no stories written or passed down that I can find. Annas father, Vincent Kappes, and one of his sisters was actually born with the surname Ditzenbach (his mothers maiden name was Katherine Ditzenbach), so most likely his father Frances Joseph is not his biological father,… Continue Reading